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Nov. 9th, 2004 @ 12:28 am (no subject)
Ack. God bless our souls.
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Oct. 11th, 2004 @ 09:39 pm No one's got it figured it out just yet
Current Mood: restlessrestless
Current Music: One hand in my pocket - Alanis Morisette
Election 2004:

If you are able to vote (or if you could be able), who would you vote for?

Give me AT LEAST three reasons why you picked who you did....

If any of you actually read this darned thing, humour me just this once. ^_~
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Sep. 24th, 2004 @ 11:07 pm A seldom fading ritual
Current Mood: predatorypredatory
Current Music: Are you Happy now by No Doubt
Hah, guess what guys?! I'm feeling "predatory". Yeah, you better watch out. XD

I decided to just make a quick post as I FINALLY added people that had been bugging me for like, a year, lol.

As usual, life's been busy and I'm in a whirlwind. WHAT ELSE IS NEW?

Politics. I've been getting into them moreso lately. I so wish I was 18 so I could vote. Ahh, the joys of being too young to be able to do anything. But, I can go see Rated R movies now! WHOO HOOO!!!

I also have almost $1500 saved up in my bank account. Whoop! I just need to save like, 3000 more so I can buy meself a car and have money for insurance and gas. Funnnn.

Alright, I'm getting bored with this already. I doubt none will see the amazingness of Emily's posting because everyone's just given up hope for the future of her journal.

PEACE and .... hair grease.

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Mar. 6th, 2004 @ 10:14 pm (no subject)
Current Mood: angryangry
Current Music: "All that Jazz" - Catherine Zeta-Jones
Wow It's amazing what one will do in the state of boredom...

Warning: I actually made this serious, for once, guys. Lol.

>******the basics******
>1. Full name: Emily [ ] Williams. Hmm..I wonder what my middle name is...?
>2. Birthday:9/8/87
>3. Location: Tituville, Florida
>4. Where else have u lived: Just plain ol' Titusville, thanks.
>5. School/mascot/colors: Astronaut High School. Mascot - War Eagle. Colors - Gold and Maroon.
>6. How big is your school: Rather large..somewhat. It has stairs...
>zodiac sign: Virgo
>8. Shoe size: Anywhere from 7 - 8.5
>9. Height: 5' even. Even though I think I'm 5'1''.
>10. Pets: A golden retriever named Chloe and a Main Coon Mix kitty named Fluffy...yeah, I know, original. And a pet gorilla...if my dad counts....it counts, doesn't it?
>11. Siblings: Brother, Trevor, 18.
>12. Eye color: Brown...kinda in-between dark and light...not dark, but not light..somewhere in the middle. My mom likes to call them Chocolate buttons. ^_^
>13. Hair color:Brown, with natural red and blonde highlights
>14. Hair lenth: Hmm...it's down yonder from my shoulders...longer than medium, but, not long - long. Did that make sense?
>15. Ever died ur hair?: Yes, unfortunately. I now realize that I never want to dye my hair...natural is definitely best. :)
>16. What color?: Blonde highlights...Ooerr
>17. Grade: 10th...Sophomore
>18.Are u good in school?: Yes
>19 hobbies: Hmm...Writing, Drawing, reading, soccer. Does soccer count as a hobby?
>20. Nicknames: EMMIE (haha, Mrs. Craig calls me that)Ems, Emmerz, Em, Emibee, Impmonster, Impy, Beebee.
>21. What languages do you speak? Hmm...a mixture between bablish, mumblish, and shoutish.
>22. Do you play sports? Si. Soccer.
>23. Where were you born? Good ol' Titusville.
>24. Are you a night or a morning person? I don't know anymore..lately I can't stay awake at night past 11...Lol. Sad, I know.
>25. Are you ticklish? *looks sideways* Yes...
>26. Do you believe in God? Ofcourse.
>27. Do you have any other screen names?: Uh...yeah..Lol.
>28. What are they?: ImYoSugaMomma, YoureMySquishy, BubbaJim08, and other random ones I've made up to annoy innocent bystanders.
>29. Do you have braces?: Not anymore, thank goodness.
>30. Do you have glasses/ contacts?:Yes! I finally got glasses! I only wear them to see the chaulkboard, though.
>!!!!!!getting personal!!!!!!
>31. What do you want to be when you grow up?: Everything. Oh, you wanted details? Hmm... let me list: Marine Biologist, Archaeologist, Photographer, Journalist/Editor, Teacher, Writer, Linguist, and many more.
>32. What was the worst day of your life?: That's definitely a hard question. I'm not exactly sure. But obviously, one of the typical answers would be when someone close to me died.
>33. What is your most embarrassing story? Every 1st day of school I've ever had.
>34. What has been the best day of your life? Another "toughie." Umm...probably some eventful thing that involved my family and friends.
>35. What comes first in your life? God, My family, friends, me.
>36. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/crush? Zippo.
>37. What are you most scared of?: Scared of anything [bad]happening to my family.
>38. If you had an extra set of eyes were would you put them? On my butt.
>39. What do you usually think about before you go to bed? I usually try not to think before I go to sleep...because I end up not being able to sleep...so most likely, I think about sleeping, lol.
>40. What do you regret the most?: I try not to have any regrets...live life to the fullest, have no regrets.
>41. If you could do anything without consequences, what would u be? What would I be? Or what would I do? I think the question should be: What would you do? But, now that I say that, I can't think of an answer.
>42. Movie: Entrapment, HP I and II, definitely LotR series. Absolutely the best.
>43. Song: Hmm.. too many to say...but let's just say I've taken a liking to "Into the West" by Annie Lennox.
>44. Band/group: Too many...Yellowcard
>45. Store: Barnes and Noble, Waldenbooks, Books A Million...any book store, for that matter.
>46. Relative: My crazy abnorbal cousin Michael.
>47. Sport: Soccer definitely.
>48. Vacation spot: I think anyone who knows me knows the answer... England, ofcourse.
>49. Ice cream flavor: Gosh, I haven't had icecream in SO long... Oh yeah, fav. flavor: Cookie Dough and Strawberry.
>50. Fruit: Strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, grapes, and above all, bananas.
>51. Candy: Gum!
>52. Car: PT Cruiser... like an old looking English style Taxi Cab.
>53. Class: World History with dearest Mr. Orletsky...and ofcourse English & Talon.
>54. Holiday: Christmas.
>55. Day of the week: Wednesday and Friday.
>56. Color: Turquoise Blue.
>57. Magazine: National Wildlife.
>58. Name for a girl: Definitely has to be Jade and Natalya.
>59. Name for a boy: Hayden, and Skyler...but only for a middle name.
>60. Sports team: US National Women's Soccer Team
>61: month: September and December.
>62. Man athlete: Carlos Valderama..Lol.
>63. Female athlete: Christie Pearce.
>64. Actress: Drew Barrymoore, Catherine Zeta-Jones.
>65. Actor: Robin Williams and Anthony Hopkins.
>66. Tv show: Survivor
>67. Web site: Kameons - [www.kameonsacademy.tk]
>68. Animal: All Animals.
>69. E-mail buddy: Kades.
>70. Joke: Definitely has to be the food-language me and Kadie made up.
>71. Saying: "Your Mom" and "It'll be okay, Dad, I promise."
>72. Word: SuperCallafragalisticexpealadocious.
>73. Brand of shoes: Don't have a brand.
>74. Radio station: 106.7, 101.1, 105.9, 105.1, 107.1, 107.7, 99.9
>75. Room in your house: The Bathroom! Refreshing!
>76. Concert you have been to: Roger Whittaker, Last ever N*Sync concert...especially special since I went with Nicole, my long time best friend.
>77. Cd: Yellowcard, Dido, Enya, LotR, PotC, Braveheart, and HP soundtracks.
>78. President: CLINTON! YEAH!
>79. Salad: Uh..salad?
>80. Meat: Chicken.
>81. Pizza topping: Cheese, and cheese only.
>82. State: New York, California.
>83. City: TITUSVILLE! Yeah, babay, yeah.
>84. Lake: Wow that is kinda random. Lake .... Lake Ocheewawa! Uh..yeah.
>85. Ocean: How can you have a favorite ocean? Um...yeah. Atlantic, perhaps?
>86. Place to be: My room. And the bathroom, ofcourse.
>87. Smell: Fresh - baked Banana Bread.
>88. Sound: Burping. And Laughing, ofcourse.
>89. Taste: You know when you just spray something, and it gets in your mouth? ...DON'T YOU HATE THAT? Lol.
>90. Feeling: Helping another and seeing the appreciation in their face.
>91. College: Oh, please let it not be the typical UCF, USF, UF, FSU, etc. etc.Hmm..I'm not sure. Definitely has to be out of state and a private college.
>92. Number: 3, 12.
>93. Book: HP series, The Sword of Truth series
>94. Vacation spot: New Zealand.
>95. Grandma: Both.
>96. Grandpa: Both deceased.
>97. Cereal: Cracklin' Oat Bran.
>*~*~not so favorite~*~*
>98. Car: Hummer. Must be the ugliest things I've ever seen.
>99. Color:Don't dislike any of them.
>100. Teacher: Old, Old, 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Murray. Eeew.
>101. Class: Has to be Health.
>102. Day of the week and why: Monday... beginning of the week, day when I'm overly tired.
>103. Holiday: I love all holidays.
>104. Season: I enjoy every season. Does Florida even have seasons?
>105. Month: Yet again, don't have a bad month, either.
>106. Sport: WWF. Why? Because it's not a sport.
>107. Sports team: Hmm...dunno.
>108. Male athlete: Shaquille O'Neal.
>109. Female athlete: Anna Kourniquova. Or however you spell her name.
>110. Movie: The Ring.
>111. Actress: Any of those that have pose nude on magazines.
>112. Actor: Good Question.
>113. T.V. Show: All reality t.v. shows other than Survivor, lol.
>114. Web site: Definitely the Pornos.
>115. Food: Stew. Disgusting.
>116. Drink: Hm..I normally drink what I like.
>117. Band: GorillAZ or however you spell it.
>118. Male singer: "P-Diddy."
>119. Female singer: Britney Spears.
>120. Animal: Creepy-Crawly thingies.
>121. Store: A&F and American Eagle.
>122. Video rental store: That store in the Publix complex on Knox McRae...oo! Movie Gallery! That's what it is.
>123. E-mail buddy: Has to be a certain annoying person...
>124. Joke: Gotta be the all-time favorite, *sarcasm* "Is your refridgerator running?" etc.etc.
>125. Saying: When you ask someone, "what?" when they've just been talking about something and they say, "Nothing" when obviously it wasn't "nothing" if they took the time to actually use their breath and talk about it.
>126. Word: The "F" Word. O_O Most annoying word, I swear. Spoken about every 2.5 seconds out of the typical teenage high school mouth.
>127. Brand of shoes: Converse. Dude, so annoying how they've gotten so popular.
>128. Radio station: The radio stations that pretty much talk and play commercials the whole time.
>129. Room in your house: My Brother's stinky, atrociously messy room.
>130. Concert you have been to: Neil Diamond. Quite disappointing, actually.
>131. Cd: Gotta be Hanson. Gross.
>132. President: BUSH.
>133. Salad: I like salad.
>134. Meat: Most all dark meat.
>135. Pizza topping: Pepperoni.
>136. State: Out of all the states I've been to, I've liked them all.
>137. City: London. Too populated. Too polluted. Too crowded. Too smelly.
>138. Lake: Hmm..last time I checked, I didn't have anything against lakes.
>139. Ocean: Same as Lakes.
>140. Place to be: At a funeral.
>142. Sound: Chewing, the sound when someone makes sure they have nothing stuck in their teeth or mouth..angry/annoyed sighs.
>143. Taste: That "throw-up" taste that one sometimes get. Eew.
>144. Feeling: Being sick and knowing you can't do anything about it until it just "runs its course".
>145. Letter: Hmm..don't have anything against letters, either.
>146. Date: 9/11..Sorry for whoever's birthday is that day!
>147. Book: Some book about Vampires that I read in like, 5th grade, that scared the hell outta me. Lol.
>148. Vacation spot: Hmm..never hated the vacations I've taken.
>149. Grandma: Love them both dearly.
>150. Grandpa: Both gone. :(
>151. Cereal: Those really really sugary ones that taste disgusting.
>^^^^^^in the past 24 hours have you^^^^^^
>152. Had a serious talk? Si.
>153. Hugged someone? Oui.
>154. Fought with a friend? Non.
>155. Cried? Nope.
>156. Laughed? Yes.
>157. Made someone laugh? Oh, all the absolute frickin time.
>158. Bought something? Yep.
>159. Cut your hair? No. But soon will in a couple days.
>160. Felt stupid? Definitely. Almost indefinitely. Lol.
>161 talked to someone you love? Yes, everyday of my life.
>162. Missed someone? Si.
>>??????have you ever??????
>163. Done drugs? Neva!
>164. Eaten an entire box of oreos? Surprisingly, No.
>165. Been dumped? Um, I've never been asked out, so, um, no.
>166. Had someone be unfaithful to you? Si.
>167. Watched punky brewster? Yah, been so long ago, though.
>168. Hiked a mountain? Oui.
>169. Stayed home on saturday night, just because? All the friggin time.
>170. Been in love? Nope.

>171. Seen the white house? Yeah...on television....
>172. Seen the eiffel tower? ditto
>173. Tried smoking? Nope. Never have, never will.
>174. Drank alcohol? Only a sip of my mom's wine.
>175. Smoked marijuana? Definitely not.
>176. Played monopoly? Yeah...boredom strikes again!
>178. Seen titanic? Yes.
>179. Kissed someone? My family?
>180. French kissed someone? Nada.
>181. Lost your virginity? Negative.
>182. whered it go? Still with me, thanks.
>183. Jumped on a trampoline? Ssure.
>184. Visited another country? Yes. Should I say which ones? Okay. England, Wales, Scotland, Canada.
>185. Colored in a coloring book(and had fun)? Oh, all the time.
>186. Had a bubble bath? Yes.
>187. Been on a plane? Too many times to count.
>188. Been on a boat? Yup.
>189. Been on a train? Frequently.
>190. Been in a car accident? Unfortunately, yes.
>191. Ridden an elephant? Hmm..never have experienced that..
>192. Made a web page? Si.
>193. Played with barbies? Not really. I liked having them, but I never did anything with them, 'cept destroy them. *innocent glance*
>194. Stayed up all night? Uh, yes. Speaking of that, I'm really tired. Only like, 600 questions left! Ahh!
>195. Shoved stuff under your bed to make your room look clean? Nope. Don't have room underneath my bed, considering the fact there's another bed under it.
>196. Broken a bone? Actually, that is, bone(s) for moi. Lol.
>197. Called a physchic or sex hotline? Nope.
>198. Watched jerry springer? Yeah...pretty trashy crap.
>199. Gotten in trouble for talking in class? Uhh..yeah. Lol.
>200. Been afraid of the dark? No! I'm a big girl! lol.
>201. Been in the hospital (not visiting)? Oh yes. Many times.
>202. Had stitches? Yup. 15 stitches in my arm. I was[am] that kind of kid that always did stupid stuff and got hurt ... Lol.
>203. Dumped someone and regretted it? Nonapplicable to me. N/A.
>204. Went out with more than one person at a time? Yet again, no.
>205. Lied? Haven't we all? Lol.
>206. Been arrested? No.
>207. Fallen asleep in class? Yeah...
>208. Used food for something other than to eat? Yes, food is quite fun when making designs and smiley faces with it... and the greatest treat of all: eating it afterwards!
>209. Met a celebrity? Celebrity(s) Yes.
>210. Broken the law? Most likely, I probably have.
>211. Ever loved someone so much it made you cry? Definitely.
>212. Hated yourself? Nope.
>213. Been brokenhearted? Si.
>214. Broken someone’s heart? I don't think so, I hope not.
>215. Wanted to kill someone? Nope.
>216. Fell off a chair?: All the time..lemme tell yah.
>217. Lap danced? O_O! Lol, No.
>218. Been in a fist fight? Nope. Never have punched someone in the face. Hope I don't have to, either.
>219. Been in a cat fight? Hah, yes. Unfortunately.
>~~~~~~do you~~~~~~
>220. Like to give hugs? Oh Ofcourse.
>221. Like to walk in the rain? Yes.
>222. Sleep with or without clothes on? Definitely with.
>223. Prefer black or blue pens? Black.
>224. Dress up on halloween? Oh, any chance I get.
>225. Have a job? If you count refereeing, then yes. But, not really. I majorly need one, like seriously, I'm in desperate need for moolah.
>226. Like to travel? Traveling is like, my life.
>227. Like someone? Nope.
>228. Sleep on your side, tummy or back? Definitely tummy.
>229. Think your attractive? I like to think I'm somewhat appealing.
>230. Want to marry? Ofcourse.
>231. Have a goldfish? Nope. :(
>232. Ever have the falling dream? Almost every night just about as I'm "falling" into deep sleep.
>233. Have stuffed animals? Yes.
>234. Go on vacation? All the time.
>235. Do you belive in the horoscopes: Yes, quite interesting, really.
>236. Do you like your handwriting: Not really.
>237. If you could be anybody, who would you be and why: Gosh I'm too tired for these questions! Lol. I have no idea. Probably Mother Theresa or other positive role models for people.
>238. What superhero would you be: Oh, honey, I'm already a superhero! Lol.
>239.Do you have any piercings: 1 hole in each ear.
>240. Any tattoos: Nope.
>241. If so where: n/a
>242. If not, where and what do you want: I don't want a tattoo.
>243. Are you picky: Yes.
>244. What makes you cry: Getting hurt, obviously.And when I mean hurt, I don't just mean physically.
>245. What makes you mad: Narrow-mindedness, Biased, being judgemental.
>246. What do you think of eminem: I have a strong dislike for him.
>247. Who do you admire: My Mom and Dad.
>248. Do you like cartoons: Not really.
>249. Do you believe in the devil: Oui.
>250. What is the one place you have to visit before you die: New Zealand. And as Mrs. King would say, The Grand Canyon!
>251.What did you do today: Reffed a U6 Soccer game, hung out at the TSC Club for a while and sold lollipops, went home, watched "Seven," went back to the club to play a game with my team, then went home, showered, finished "Seven" and ate.
>252. Where do you work: at TSC.
>253. Do you even have a job you lazy bum: Wasn't the previous question implied that I already had a job?
>254. Are your 'rents lame: Nope.
>255. Do you own a miniskirt: Nope.
>256. Do you floss: Frequently.
>257. What is the farthest your have traveled: Great Britain.
>258. Who is a diva: ME! Hahahaha...good one, Emily.
>259. What kind of shampoo do you use: I mix every so often..right now, it's Pantene.
>260. What about conditioner: Same.

>261. Do you use big words to sound smart: Um, when I'm trying to make a fool of myself, lol.
>262. When you get mad, do you swear a lot: Nope. I refrain from swearing.
>263. Got milk: All the time. ;)
>264. Do you have a magic 8 ball: No.
>265. Name something that comes in threes: Triplets... Einstein
>266. Ever worn black nail polish: Si.
>267. Do you have hairy arms: Nope.
>268. How many sheets are on your bed: I think 2. I don't use my sheets.
>269. Whats under your bed: Another bed.
>270. Do you have your own tv and vcr: Nope.
>271. Do you believe in fate: To a degree.
>272. Do you see dead people: Hmm.. couldn't tell yah.
>273. Are you a good speller: Yep.
>274. What is your lucky charm: My dad...lol.
>275. Why do you drive on a parkway and park on a driveway: The English language works in mysterious ways...
>276. Do you like little kids: To a degree.
>277. Are you talented: Oui.
>278. If so, how: How? Um, normally it is: What are you talented at? Because, obviously, a talent is something that comes to you naturally. There is no "how." It just is.
>279. Ever hugged a tree: Oh all the time!
>280. Do you watch the weather channel while getting ready in your hotel room on vacation: Sometimes.
>281. Do you ever steal anything from hotels: If that counts the COMPLIMENTARY shampoos and conditioners... which isn't actually stealing.
>282. Ever seen a ghost: Can't say I could tell you. What if you saw a ghost but didn't know it?
>283. How about an alien: Everyday of my life. My dad is an alien.
>284. Do you beleive in either of them: I'm not sure.
>%%%%what do you think about%%%%
>285. Abortion: Controversial. I love controversial things.
>286. Bill clinton: Fairly good president.
>287. Smoking: Uncool.
>288. Eating disorders: A No-No.
>289. Rap: Oooer.
>290 Jerry Springer: Needs a life.
>291. Suicide: Is for cowards.
>292. South park: Who killed Kenny?
>293. Summer: Tan!
>294. Tattoos: Possible diseases.
>295. Piercing: Fine with my ears, thanks.
>296. Make-up: Hate all that foundation goo. Eyeliner and mascara does it for me, thanks.
>297. Drinking: Specifics, please. Drinking...pepsi? Oh yes, please.
>298. Guys: Who needs 'em?
>299. Girls: Wow, I'm a girl! Lol.
>what do you think when you hear this name:
>300. Jennifer: Bam-Bam.
>301. Leah: Greenblum.
>302. Megan: McManus.
>303. Brandon: Kennedy.
>304. Christina: Agiulera.
>305. Angela:Guice.
>306. Courtney: Altman.
>307. Jeff: Levine.
>308. Mike: Puleo.
>309. Nikki: Walker.
>310. Ryan: Jones.
>311. Lauren: Powers.
>312. Derek: Rumps.
>313. Lisa: Pinkos.
>314. Kristi: Cooper.
>315. Matt: Romans.
>316. Holly: Hill.
>317. Jackie: Hallock.
>318. Cait: Robinson.
>319. Caroline: Wise.
>320. Joseph: Mary.
>321. Sebb: Roach.
>322. Patrick: Mulligan.
>323. Erin: Scoggin.
>*~*~your friends~*~*
>333. Friends: Awesome pawsome.
>334. Best friend: Kades.
>335. Spend most time with: Hmm. Good Question. I don't seem to hang out with any of my friends lately. Quite unfortunate.
>336. Best house: Def. Mine.
>337. Funniest: ME!! Hahahaha. Uh..yeah.
>338. Smartest: Hate to say this, but, Jamie. Lol.
>339. Hottest: Your Mom.
>340. Strongest: James Vanderbuilt...
>341. Most athletic: Doug.
>342. Knows you the best: Kades.
>343. Most outgoing: Lauren.
>344. Most shy: Kaylie.
>345. Always negative:Hmm..good question.
>346. Which one let the dogs out: MRS. CRAIG! Hahaha.
>347. Most trustworthy: Good Question.
>348. Most fun to be with: Most all.
>349. Biggest flirt: Most likely, me. Lol.
>350. Best dressed: Can't say I think that one of my friends dresses better than another.
>351. Best eyes: Definitely has to be Katie's eyes.
>352. Most depressed: Hm, good question.
>353. One to gossip with: Michelle.
>354. Sweetest: Kristen.
>355. Who has the best room: Katie!
>356. Who follows you: The boogieman.
>357. Who do you follow: The spiders...
>358. Who do you pretend to like but cant stand: I wouldn't "pretend".
>359. Do you make friends easily: Yup.
>360. Are you intimidated by any of your friends: To an extent with one person.
>361. If u were stranded on a desert island then who, out of your friends, would you want to be there with you?: Good Question.
>362.Who do u think would help u the most if u were in trouble: Wow, good question, lol.
>363. Who do u think would risk their life to save yours: Don't think that would happen.
>364. Who is the most popular: Have no idea, nor do I care.
>365. Who is the most unpopular: ditto.
>366.Who do u want to go to college with: Hope to go with at least one of my friends.
>367. Who do u wish could be part of your family: None. Being friends is enough, lol.
>368. Who is the biggest junk food junkie: Definitely me.
>369. Who would do anything for 1 million bucks: Um. I'm not sure about "anything".
>370. Who do u think has the nicest siblings: Jamie! His sister is so sweet.
>371. Who do u think has the nicest mom: Mary.
>372. Who do u think has the nicest dad: Mary.
>373. Who do you have the most inside jokes with: Kades.
>*~*~which way would you spell it~*~*
>374. Megan or meghan: Megan.
>375. Lacey or lacy: Lacey.
>376. Steven or stephen: Stephen.
>377. Kurt or curt: Kurt.
>378. Caryn or karen: Caryn.
>379. Mark or marc: Marc.
>380. Brandi or brandy: Brandi.
>381. Eric or erik: Erik.
>382. Corrine or carine: Carine.
>383. Kari or carrie: Kari.
>384. Jackie or jackqui: Jackie.
>385. Deseray or desirae: Desirae.
>386. Jayde or jade: Jade.
>387. Amy or aimee: Aimee.
>388. Bradi or brady: Bradi.
>389. Chelsea or chelsey: Chelsea.
>390. Katelyn or kaitlyn: Kaitlyn.
>391. Ashley or ashleigh: Ashleigh.
>392. Geoffrey or jeffrey: Geoffrey.
>393. Their or there: Their.
>394. Two, too, or to: Too.
>395. Here or hear: Hear.
>&&&&this or that&&&&
>396. Pierced nose or tongue? Neither.
>397. Be serious or funny? Both.
>398. Single or taken? Wouldn't know how taken is, so I guess, single.
>399. Simple or complicated? Both.
>400. Law or anarchy? Anarchy.
>401. Mtv or vh1? Neither.
>402. 7th heaven or dawson’s creek? 7th Heaven.
>403. Sugar or salt? Sugar..and Spice...and everything nice. :)
>404. Silver or gold? Both.
>405. Tongue or belly button ring? Neither.
>406. Chocolate or flowers? Flowers.
>407. Angels or miracles? Both.
>408. Color or black-and-white photos? Both.
>409. Sunrise or sunset? Both.
>410. M&m’s or skittles? Skittles.
>411. Rap or rock? Rock.
>412. Stay up late or sleep in? Both.
>413. Tv or radio? Radio.
>414. Hot or cold? Both.
>415. Tall members of the opposite sex or short? Lol, I think we all know this one...Tall.
>416. Sun or moon? Both.
>417. What time is it? 12:34 P.M.
>418. Diamond or ruby? Ruby.
>419. Left or right? Left.
>420. 10 acquaintances or 1 bestfriend? 1 Best friend.
>421. Vanilla or chocolate? Chocolate.
>422. Kids or not? Children.
>423. Cat or dog? Both.
>424. Half empty or half full? Half Full.
>425. Mustard or ketchup? CATSUP!
>426. Newspaper or magazine? Both. Dude, I write for a newspaper. Whaddya expect? Lol.
>427. Spring or fall? Both.
>428. Give or receive? Give.
>429. Rain or snow? Both.
>430. Lace or satin? Lace.
>431. A year of hot sex or a lifetime of friendship? Lifeimte of Friendship.
>432. Happy or sad? Happy.
>433. Corduroy or plaid? Definitely Corduroy.
>434. Wonder or amazement? Both.
>435. Sneakers or sandals? Barefoot.
>436. Mcdonalds or burger king? Mickey D's.
>437. Blondes or brunettes? Brunettes.
>438. Mexican or italian food? Italian.
>439. Lights on or off? Both.
>440. Duct tape or scotch tape? Scotch.
>441. Candy or soda? Soda.
>442. A house in the woods or the city? A House in the woods.
>443. Pepsi or coke? Pepsi.
>444. Nike or adidas? Adidas. All Day I Dream About Soccer!
><333*~*~love life~*~* <333
>445. Do you have a crush: Nope.
>446. Whats his or her name: Hmm. I don't have a crush, therefore, there's a lack of a crush's name also.
>447. How old are they: Dood.
>448. How long have you liked him or her: Nevvvaa!
>449. If you could kiss anyone in the world, who would it be: I have no earthly idea.
>450. If you could date anyone in the world, who would it be: Yet again, I have no idea.
>451. What is the biggest turn off: Cockiness.
>452. What is the biggest turn on: Smile. Good personality.
>453. Do you prefer being the dumper or the dumpee: Neither.
>454. Do you think there is a person for everyone: Definitely.
>455. If yes, do you know who yours is: Absolutely not.
>456. Where is the best place to be kissed: I have no experience, I wouldn't know.
>457. Where is the most romantic place to take a date: Yet again, I don't know.
>458. Do you believe in love at first sight: No. Possibly.
>459. Have you ever been in love: No.
>460. What do you think love is: Love cannot be defined.
>470. Do you have a b/f or g/f: No.
>471. Do you want one: At the moment, no.
>472. How long have you been together: N/A.
>473. What do you like about your crush or b/f, g/f: Hmmm...
>474. When was your first kiss: Haven't yet experienced that..
><3* 4 girls only!!*<3
>475. What do you look for in a guy? Smile, some physical attractiveness, intellect, good personality.
>476. Tough or hardcore guys? Tough.
>477. Sweet or innocent guy? Both.
>478. Smart or athletic guys? Both.
>488. Favorite cologne on a guy? Cool Waters. Not like I go sniffing guys around, or anything...
>489. Best gift a guy could give? Commitment, Respect a girl.
>490. Flowers. . . Sweet or wasteful? Sweet.
>491. Sweetest guy you know? Hmm..Good question.
>****4 guys only ****
>492. What do you look for in a girl?
>493. Describe your dream girl:
>494. Long hair or short hair on a girl?
>495. Strait or curly hair on a girl?
>496. Best gift a girl could give?
>497. Favorite perfume on a girl?
>498. Would you go out with an older girl?
>499. Girls with long or short nails?
>500. Sweetest girl you know?
>501. First grade teacher's name: Mrs. Rehring.
>502. Last word you said: I can't even remember. Goodnight?
>503. Last song you sang: No Such Thing - John Mayer.
>505. Favorite childhood cartoon: Rocko's Modern Life.
>506. What do you hate most about school: Too many things...Conformity.
>507. Last person you flipped off: Can't even remember, it's been so long. Most likely Jamie.
>508. Last song stuck in your head: Yellowcard - "Way Away"
>509. What line/verse: "He's too stoned, nintendo..."
>510. Last time you were burned: Not too long ago.
>511. How: Let's not go into specifics, please.
>512. Last time you bled: Last night. Had a nose-bleed.
>513. Favorite game show as a child: Can't remember! Ahh, bad memory.
>>514. What's in your cd player:Yellowcard
>515. What color sox are you wearing: I'm barefoot.
>516. What's under your bed: Another bed.
>517. What's the weather like: I'm exremely hot as I'm sun-burnt.
>518. What is on your wall calender (i.E. Curious george, magnetic poetry): Harry Potter all the way, man. Lol.
>519. What time did you wake up today: 8:00 A.M.
>520. Did you think it was earlier, later, or on time: I woke up when my mom came in my room. It's Saturday. Not on a schedule. Lol.
>521. Who do you want to marry: dude, no idea.
>522. Are you going to college: Ofcourse.
>523. If so, how long do you want to go: At least as long as it takes for me to get my Masters...possibly a Ph.D.
>524. Where do you want to go: A Private, out of state college.
>525. What is your career going to be: Hopefully a teacher/professor or writer/Journalist..I have no idea.
>526. Where are you going to live: I don't know. Hopefully somewhere I like and be happy at.
>257. How many kids do you want: 1-4.
>528. Kids names girls: Jade, Natalya.
>529. Kids names boys: Hayden.
>530. Where do you want your honeymoon: New Zealand.
>531. What kind of car will you have: I have no idea!
>532. What kind of house will you have: Hopefully one I like.
>533. Do you like this survey? It's way too repetitive and long.
>534. Is this one of the best surveys you’ve ever taken? Absolutely not.
>535. How about the most unique? Nope.
>536. Have you gotten most of these questions on another survey? Yes.
>537. Do you like to answer questions? Depends.
>538. Are you getting annoyed with this survey? Ofcourse.
>539. If you are, are you gonna delete questions off of the bottom cuz ur bored? Might...
>540. Whats your favorite kind of tree? Christmas tree!
>541. When you look at a person with lime green tights on, whats the first thing that comes to your head? They're cool.
>>whats the first thing that comes to your head when you hear/see:::
>542. A laptop: convenient
>543. A mismatched person: Cool.
>544. A guy with long hair: My Dad. Lol.
>545. A guy with spiked hair: Your Mom.
>546. A girl with spiked hair: Okay.
>547. A tree with no leaves : Pretty.
>548. A couch with a sheet over it : Friggin paranoid of stains.. why by a couch if you don't sit on it?
>549. Ronnie: Uncle Ronnie
>550. Raphael : Hii-YAHH!
>551. A guy wearing a necklace: the "norm"
>552. A girl wearing a hat: Ooo! I want a hat!
>556. Abercrombie and fitch: Oooer.
>557. Aeropostale: What?
>558. Hot topic: Cool HP stuff!
>559. Pacific sun: Pacsun!
>560. Saved by the bell: Most definitely.
>561. Boy meets world: Girl meets world ..?
>562. Beverly hills 90201: Umm.
>563. A stereo system: Mommy Peas?
>564. A gun: *shivers*
>565. Someone shout out “i’m eating peanuts!!!”: That's one super cool person.
>566. Someone shout out “i have to pee!!”: Sounds like me. 'Cept it's "Pee Pee!"
>567. Someone shout out “whats the answer?!”: Your Mom!
>568. A desk: In my room.
>569. A teacher: Future aspiration.
>570. A doctor: Mmm.
>571. What do you think of the questions they make you answer at the doctors office?: Quite personal.
>572. Do you like the number 10? Not really.
>573. What about 5? Not necessarily.
>574. Are you getting really bored now? I've been bored. That's why I did this in the first place.
>575. Are you annoyed? w/this survey: Yes.
>576. How many questions do you think this survey should have? Should have stopped right around number 3.
>579. What are your last words? WAZZZUPP!
>580. Thats nice: What is?
>581. Do you have to pay bills? No.
>582. Do you want to pay bills? Dumb question.
>583. How do you think your parents feel when they have to pay bills? It's SO MUCH FUN!
>584. Do you do your own laundry? Si.
>585. Do you clean all the bathrooms in your house? Sometimes.
>586. How many bathrooms are in your house? 2.
>587. How many tv’s are in your house? 4.
>588. How many phones are in your house? 8.
>589. How many tables are in your kitchen? 1.
>590. How many beds are in your house? 4.
>591. How many couches are in your house? 3.
>592. What are you thinking about right now? I'm dead tired.
>593 how many desks are in your math class? I have no idea?>594. Do you get a lot of math homework? All the time.
>595. Do you hang out with your friends a lot? Nope.
>596. Are you getting sick of this survey? Most definitely.
>597. Have you seen clueless? Si.
>598. What are your opinions of that movie? What movie?
>599. Did you think when you first started watching it that cher and josh were gonna get hooked up? Dood! What kind of survey is this?!?!?!?!
>600. Did you think that christian was gay? Who is Christian?
>601. I did. If you didn’t, do you think you’re a tard? YOU are a "tard".
>602. If you had to pick a religion to be, what would you be? I like my religion, thanks.
>603. What are you thinking about right now? My butt is numb.
>604. What is your favorite store in the mall nearest you? We don't have a mall. We have a "collection of stores."
>605. How long does it take to get to the mall nearest you? 10 minutes.
>606. What is the mall called? "Miracle City Mall."
>607. Do they have a store called belk’s or filenes? What is Filenes?
>608. How about a major sports store? Nope.
>609: What is your favorite font? HP font(s).
>611. What do you like better, lap tops or computers? PCs.
>612. Spaghetti or ziti? Spaghetti.
>613. Macaroni w/cheeze or w/sauce? With cheese.
>614. Paintings or photos? Both.
>615. Stripes or solids? Solids.
>616. Basements or attics? Attics.
>617. Do you like crushes because of their looks or personality? Both. Com'on, there has to be some sort of physical attractivness for a person to catch your eye in the first place.
>618. Life or no life? Life.
>619. Individual or just like everyone else? Individual.
>620. Loud or quiet? Both.
>621. Shy or rambunctious? Both.
>622. Refrigerator or freezer? Both.
>623. Carpet or tile? Carpet.
>624. Marble or wood? Wood.
>625. Plaid or stripes? Plaid.
>626. Stripes or dots? Polka-Dots.
>627. Dots or lines? Dots.
>628. Now what time is it? 1:07 AM.
>629. Monopoly or life? Monopoly
>630. Uno or skip-bo? What is skip-bo?
>631. Beauty and the beast or aladdin? Both.
>632. Toy story 1 or toy story 2? I never saw the 2nd one...
>633. Armageddon or deep impact? Armageddon.
>634. You’ve got mail or ever after? Didn't see either.
>635. Sound of muzick or my fair lady? You can't spell.
>636. Bsb or n*sync? N*Sync.
>637. Dawn or sunny? Both?
>638. Light or dark? Both.
>639. Top or bottom? Top.
>640. Higher or lower? Higher.
>641. Left or right? Left.
>642. Big or small? SMALL.
>643. Dad or mom? Both.
>644. Sitcoms or movies? Movies.
>645. Tv movies or real movies? Real.
>646. Scanner or xerox machines? Scanner.
>647. Church or mass? Mass.
>648. Boat or canoe? Canoe.
>649. Ocean or lake? Ocean.
>650. Are you sick of this survey yet? Been.
>651. A lot? El stupido.
>652. More than you were b4 or the same? Dood.
>653. Do you want me to stop now? Wow.
>654. Are you sure? *mumbles*
>655. Okay, do you have any final thoughts? Wow. I waste my time.
>656. Do you have more younger friends or older friends? Younger, same age, and older.
>657. Look!! its question 657!!!!! Yeah. Wow.
>658. Is this one of the longest surveys you’ve taken? Yes.
>659. Is it the longest? Yes.
>660. Is it interesting? No. I don't know why I persist with this...
>661. Would you ever like someone 3 years younger than you? Most likely No.
>662. When you like someone, do you tell them right away? Ofcourse not.
>663. Do you wait for signs? I do not "wait".
>664. Whats your favorite letter of the alphabet? Z.
>665. Do you think that z is a cool letter? Hence why I said it was my favorite...
>667. So, do you have any final words? This sucks.
>668. Say something great about the person who sent you this here: Jeanna is uber cool.
>669. What time is it now? 1:13 AM.

Wow I think that's the stupidest thing I have ever done. I don't even have the patience to read it. Blehck.
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Feb. 15th, 2004 @ 02:40 pm I drew a line for you
Current Mood: sicksick
Current Music: "Yellow" by Coldplay
You have an entrancing kiss~ the kind that leaves
your partner bedazzled and maybe even feeling
he/she is dreaming. Quite effective; the kiss
that never lessens and always blows your
partner away like the first time.

What kind of kiss are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Hmm...somehow I find it hard to believe by answering a few simple questions I know if I give "entrancing kisses" or not....by the way, I never have kissed, so I wouldn't know. Lol.
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Feb. 14th, 2004 @ 08:12 pm Ahh, the joys of being sick...
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: "My Achy Breaky Heart" by Billy Ray Cyrus
Hey guys.

I thought I might as well update, considering the fact I changed the layout, and added some friends. *cough* Tyler *cough* You know, you betta add me now, too, friend.

Anyhoo, Happy Valentine's Day, everybody!

There are a lot of people out there who hate this holiday, me being NOT one of them. I feel bad for those people; I mean, they shouldn't let it get to them that they don't have someone, I mean, com'on guys, it's only a holiday! It's very special for those who have a honey, and ofcourse, I'm happy for them. I like the holiday, nonetheless, because so many people just are that nicer and a little more giving (hey, sound familiar? Christmas!). Today, well, this weekend, the team I coach with my dad is playing in thE "Holiday Tournament" so, even if I did have a "someone," I wouldn't have time to spend time with them. But anyways, it was so sweet, a couple of the girls were giving out little Valentine's and I got some homemade cookies from them. It was really sweet. I swear, I love these girls, as if they were my own..sisters. Lol. I'm really thinking that I wanna coach like, permanently. Like, all the time. Well, I prob. won't be able to coach in college, but before and afterwards, and definitely, when I have my own kids.

School and everything has been going great - ooh, that reminds me, I have to do my resume for National Honor Society. Innyhoo, I love my teachers, they're uber cool, and my classes are fun.

Finally, Emily is over the person she's been liking for what is it? Almost a year now? Yeah, I'm happy for myself. Right now, I would like to say, "I'm testing the waters." Lol, yeah, that means, I don't currently have a crush on anyone right now, but I'm...hmm...how do we put this? Looking? Nah, just being a flirt. Lol.

I have to admit, it's so much better than agonizing over one person and not having anything happen. It's pretty....crushing? I dunno, just, I have felt it way too many times, and I figure, the next time I like a person, I won't get hung up on them. Just an innocent, safe, liking, that if I find out that future person doesn't like me, I won't be totally crushed. Anyways, I figure it's a plan! Lol.

And, to my friends who are with me, you rock! And to friends that are taken (let's see....hm...who comes to mind here? *hint, nudge* Jamie + Danyelle) Lol, I'm really happy for them. They seem so great together, and couldn't be more happier. Plus, they both treat eachother right, I couldn't ask for more.

Ooh! I'm playing soccer again! YAY! I was on a "break" for about 3 months, but my season's startin' up again and I can't wait! I just, uh, need to start runnin', or I'm gonna be TOTALLY dragging, lol. Yeah! GO FITNESS!

Okay, anyways, I hope ya'll are doing great and are happy.

Peace out dudes and chicks. ^_~

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Dec. 5th, 2003 @ 11:13 pm Life is waiting for you
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Current Music: Our Lady Peace - Life
Life has been just dandy lately.

World History is always fun with my cynical, saracastic, teacher, Mr.Orletsky. That guy is SO cool. I wanna make him cookies. Oh yeah and draw him a Christmas picture. (Just like my last picture, which was a Halloween one! ^_^)

Algebra 2: This class is fun ALL the time, with the exception of testies, quizzies, and/or work. I have shared WAY TOO MANY inside jokes to count in that class. Constantly I'm writing notes on paper or in our nifty spiffy graphing calculators to James and laughing at all the times when we're supposed to be quiet or listening to what is being taught. We're bad, bad, bad little boys and girls. o_O

Talon has been pretty great what with all the priveledges we get to go whereever we please most of the time. I swear that man (Mr. McCoy) has an obsession over my writing, or something. Lol. Well, not really, I was exaggerating. But, anyway, as it is, he wants me to write for the Talon and continue with it even though I won't be in the class next semester, and most likely next year, as well, considering I won't be able to fit that class in with all the AP's I'm gonna take, and Tuesday of next week he's invited me and 1 other person to go with him to Sanford to Central Florida Publishing Co. and I miss 2nd, 3rd, and 4th periods.

Yeah, I have to miss Chemistry, which is a bad thing. But I talked to Dr. McCord and he says I can make up that lab that day, so it's all good. I think I'm actually starting to like Dr. McCord. It's like, once you get behind his exterior of being a your-not-so average teacher what with him making you feel stupid sometimes, (there probably was a reason for it, though) and him sometimes acting superior to the system. But if you get to know him, he's actually an okay guy. I haven't reached that stage, and probably never will, but he seems all right, to me. He's been fairly nice to me the past 2 days, which has suprised me, and I gotta tell you I am definitely appreciative of it. I really liked the lesson today. I was understanding every he was telling us, and I got an extra 20 points extra credit as being the 3rd person of 10 to get the extra credit. I felt quite proud of myself. ^_^ The only bad things headed my way are: lab reports, and EXAMS. Dood, this exams will be frickin hard (well, Chem and Alg, most likely) because I'm not sure if McCord is testing us on the whole year or just from what we've been learning now. But, if we have it the whole year, I have like, over 100-200 + pages, front and back, to study, which I can say, it quite an abundance of material to study. Alg I KNOW will be of the whole year, so I'm gonna have to crack open the stuff all the way from August and try to remember. Lol, I forget stuff right after I've been told something. It's pretty bad.

The TALON newspaper came out the other day, and it looked awesome. We've gotten some awesome comments by teachers and students alike. It's been great for me getting compliments; means a LOT.

Wow, It's already December. Seriously, the time is flying by. It's like, whoa, I'm almost halfway done with my sophomore year. I can't wait 'til next year when I'm gonna be taking some awesome classes. Anyway, I got so much to do I wish I could just put school on hold for like, 2 days, and just do all this stuff I have to do. We still need to get a Christmas tree, decorate the house, I gotta get some more Christmas presents, wrap them, and get prepared for my trip to England on Christmas day. We leave Christmas day and get back January 7th. Yeah, I'm gonna miss the first 2 days of school next semester. It's been the same for 2 years, now. But with that I'm looking forward to going to England SO BAD. I can't wait. We're gonna sight-see and go to London and and go to quite a few Harry Potter filming sites. I can't wait!!!

This weekend I'm gonna be so frickin busy, what with doing some more Christmas shopping, HOPEFULLY putting up decorations and getting a tree, a soccer party, and a Church thing on Sunday, that may take a while. This weekend is gonna be awesome, mind you, just busy, and not much time left for homework, and I got a big project to do and some semi-difficult chemistry work to do, a feature story to write, AND world history. I hate the way teachers pack so much work onto students the last couple weeks. I think they think we're superhuman or something and can handle all of it - I know that I've been going to bed 1 AM and later every single night of this whole week, and it prolly won't change either- prolly get worse what with all the homework I'm getting. Anyways, that's enough complaining, because it's not worth complaining, you don't get anything out of it except probably making someone else mad or more important, yourself.

I was hoping to do some Christmas face paiting tomorrow morning at Fort Christmas, but I haven't been notified on a darn thing so I'm assuming it's not happening. I can't expect to not be let notified about it and show up not knowing if they are having it or not.

Anyways, life has been dandy and wonderful for the most part and hopefully will get even better. I got awesome friends, family, pets, teachers, and everything else. I wouldn't change it for the world.

That's all, folks!

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Oct. 21st, 2003 @ 10:30 pm Had to put this in here
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Current Music: Forget about the Boy - Sutton Foster
My MOM sent me this joke...quite funny.

Subject: Generic name for Viagra

In pharmacology, all drugs have two names, a trade name and generic name. For example, the trade name of Tylenol also has a generic name of acetaminophen. Aleve is also called naproxen. Amoxil is also called amoxicillin and Advil is also called ibuprofen. The FDA has been looking for a generic name for Viagra. After careful consideration by a team of government experts, it recently announced that it has settled on the generic name of mycoxafloppin. Also considered were mycoxafailin, mydixadrupin, mydixarizin, mydixadud, dixafix, and of course, ibepokin.

That's great! Hope I gave you all a couple 'o' laughs!

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Oct. 18th, 2003 @ 09:37 pm One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, FOUR!
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Current Music: Fly Me to the Moon - Frank Sinatra
Wow guys, I can count! ^_^

Well Howdee there! How ya'll doin'??

I'm doing dandee here. I just got home from Durango's Steakhouse, which I went with my dear ol' pa and ma. I had soooo much fun being there with them. I was giggling the whole time, my dad would continuously make faces or just say something random that got me laughing my glutieous maximus(sp?) off. We ended up waiting like, an hour to get our food, but I wasn't mad. I was geniuinly happy to be there with my parents. While we were eating, my mom reaches for something and ends up knocking over her glass, causing water and ice to go everywhere. I was laughing SO hard, omygosh. All the people a mile away from us saw and were looking at her. Her face went red lickety split and here's Emily just laughing her butt off and my dad saying he needs to dry off his drenched hairy legs. Finally it was all cleaned up (the poor waitresses!) and my mom's pigment went back to normal. She must have felt like a little kid again. I used to knock over my drinks all the time when I was little. Lol.

So dinner was a load of laughs and we all went home with full bellies and us groaning, "I feel too full!"

In other words, I LOVE YOU! Oopsie. Sorry guys, I'm listening to Frank Sinatra's "Fly me to the moon" and it's such a catchy tune I just had to belt out those 3 famous words. Hehehe.

But anyways, since I last updated with homecoming, a lot of stuff has gone on. School has been the "usual" with tons of homework and lab reports. Yuuuccckkkkk. On the bright side, I've been hanging with the "drama group" lately and it's super cool. I HAVE FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay. Whew. Got that out.

High school soccer tryouts started this week. Whoa momma; it was hard as hell. Well, the first day was, at least. I'd say I'm getting used to it by now. We've had to do all sorts of sprintwork, long distance running (5K), crunches and pushups, weighlifting, and all this other crap. Nonetheless, it's purdy fun hangin' wit my soccer guurlz. So I've gotten past the 1st week. Whew. We had just conditioning Monday-Friday, and we have tryouts this coming week too, but now, with a soccer ball. Besides all that, starting this week, all the previous Varsity players have to stay an extra 45 minutes later than the rest of the girls, and also have to go to Saturday practices from 8-10 AM. So that's 17 hours a week, 6 days a week. Almost like a job. Eh. Hey, this is good for me. I'm gonna get fit. Yaaay!!!

Anyways, besides that, and school, I have no life. Well, I do, but yeah. HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS IN LESS THAN A WEEK!!!! WHOOP! WHOOP! I can't wait. Imma gonna get so scared I gonna pee my panties. Lol! I've never been before, so this is gonna be a fright of a lifetime! Yeeeaaahhhhh.

Katie is in NY at the time being, and I miss her quite an abundance muchly. Wait, that didn't make sense, oh well. Anyhoo, she'll be back Tuesday at school! Yippee Skippee! I bet she's having a freakin ball while I'm at home, doing a lab report. Me and Chemistry have gotten to be real close, we're dating now. I mean, I spend almost all my free time with him. Aren't you happy for us???

Well, that's all folks.

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Oct. 17th, 2003 @ 09:08 pm 1st, 2nd, and quite possibly, 3rd base
Current Mood: soresore
Current Music: Wind beneath my Wings - Bette Midler
Quite catchy title right thurr.....
(To all my Strongbad Fans out there - we be representin'!)

Hey Hobos.

I felt like updating. If some of you have noticed, my updates follow a trend. In the time of boredness or plain stupidity, I decide to update. Great logic there, eh?

Somehow I think I use the whole "livejournal" concept wrong. Or not how it's supposed to be used. Most people who use these confoundit thangs "vent," say what they feel about a certain subject, talk about some depressing, and/or bad (or feeling bad) thing that is happening in their life, friends, family, and so on, so forth, and the occasional "Yippee Skippee!" feeling because they had a fantabulous day. But, I, uh, use it differently.

Anyhoo, life has been great for the past weeks. I think I must tell about homecoming. That, obviously, has been the highlight of this month. Hands down.

The day begun with my having fun!fun! team soccer photos at the soccer club, which was purdy annoying, because it was outside, (for some reason they changed the shoot from being inside in Sandrift to being in the hot weather outside) and I was sweating. Which is not good. Not on homecoming day. ANYWAYS, it turned out to be kinda fun in a way, because the photographer kept on talking to me, (as I was standing behind him while he was taking pictures), and while he was taking individual shots of the players of my team, he was TRYING to hook me up with one of them. It was so funny, he was like, "How is it a beautiful girl like you doesn't have a boyfriend?" And for like, 15 minutes straight, each guy that came up to get his photo taken, the photographer would point out features like, "Oh, look! He's kinda cute!" to me and would have me give him a simple nod of the head whether I agreed with him. I ended up nodding "no" every time. Lol. He then pointed out a guy standing right next to me, which happened to be my brother(lol) and I was like, hellll no!! That was funny. Hey - the guy tried, right? That was my highlight of the whole "picture -taking" extravanganza.


Homecoming started, well, homecoming *preparation* for me, at 12 noon, when I had to have my hair appointment done. The place was filled with high school girls out the wazoo and the place was quite an uproar. I had to wait a while before Kitty(my hairdresser) was ready for me, but I had absolutely NO problem with waiting. The later I got my hair done, the better. My appt., set at 12, was extremely early, compared to the time homecoming starts, (at 8) and the less time in between hair appt. and homecoming, the better. See, I didn't want my hair to come out or fall out, and having my hair done so early might have increased the possibilities of having a hair melt down. So I was dandy with waiting. Now that I explained all that, I saw Katherine there, which was kinda ironic. My Mom had a hair appt. earlier that morning, and told me she saw Katherine. Katherine was STILL there when I got there, which was 2 1/2 hours later. I felt so bad for her, she had to wait so long. She ended up having her mom get her a sub and she had to eat it under the hair dryer thing! Lol. She won't ever forget that.
So, then Kitty does my hair, and I swear I got some jealous glances from some of the girls. Lol -I'm not conceited, I swear! Kitty did my hair beautifully and I had pretty flowers in it to top it all off. I loved it. ^_^

Then, after that, I go home, and in the time period of 4 hours, I: shave, paint my nails, do my makeup, put on my jewelry, and finally, put on my dress and shoes. All the while, me and Beth were instant messaging eachother, and after so many minutes would say, "Only 2 1/2 hours 'til homecoming!" Lol...we were excited...can't you tell?

So then Katie comes to my house first, then Jamie and Beth, and then, finally, Doug. I had quite a rigorous time trying to put both Jamie's and Doug's boutineers on. It was quite the fiasco. It was so embarassing, I can't even put a friggin bountineer on, for crissakes! Jamie's proved much easier, as he had a jacket on, so I didn't have to worry about stabbing him with the pin thingy. Then to Doug's -that was hard. He was holding his shirt out, to he wouldn't get poked, which just made it more difficult, so I was like, here. Stop. Holding. Your. Shirt. And it didn't help having my dad make cracks about me specializing in acupuncture. It was funny though, I guess I might have gotten close to poking him because Doug was like "You're getting close. You're getting close." Lol. I EVENTUALLY got it on him after like, 10 minutes. It was embarassing, but hey - my mom got some nice shots of "Emily trying to stab Doug" poses.

So then we all went in my front yard and took tons of pictures, with me yelling, "My mouth hurts!" and all of us getting ancy to leave. The only thing I regret about pictures is not having indivuals of me, me and Katie, me and Beth, me and Jamie, and me and Doug. But oh well, it's all good. So then Jamie's mom was such a doll and took us to Kloiber's, which proved to be quite interesting. Katie and Beth didn't eat, so it ended up me eating with the fellas. I didn't eat much either, but hey, I ate somethin'. We shared quite a few laughs definitely with the "men dominating the conversation." Also with Doug acting so amazed at how the flash button of a disposable camera magically went red if you pushed it. Quite funny, indeed. So then we all left that joint and we off to see the wizard! Er, I mean, to homecoming.

We didn't arrive "fashionably late" as I hoped, we purdy much got there on time, and practically NO ONE was there yet. The party hadn't started yet, until we got there. ^_^ It was boomin', baby! Lol. We all strolled about person to person, talking to people, with the famous, "You look so beautiful! I love your dress!" Finally, everyone started to dance, but ofcourse, it was rap, so I was, um, kinda....doing the whole "shake from side to side" thing going on. Eventually the first slow song came on and Doug politely asked, "May I have this dance?" and I gracefully accepted and managed to get my arms around his neck and dance with him. Surprisingly, I was victorious in my feat to dance with Doug. Lol. I was very giggly to the fact that we must have looked like quite the pair - with him being maybe 6'3'' and me, being, um, 5'1'', I think. The dance was beautiful, just me and him, and though Doug didn't know the words to the song, he sung to me, and improvised by making some of the words up. I talked to him throughout and genuinely asked him what recording label he had signed with. It was really funny. I'm still waiting for him to give me his first single. (Lol)

I danced with so many people, and sucessfully managed to "booty dance" as well. Doug initiated it (lmao) as I was like, No, I don't know how. Just, no. So. Yeah. Me and Doug were booty dancing together. 'Nuff Said. Yeeeeaaahhhhhhhhhhh.

The night ended with us all saying our goodbyes *tear* and us all being tucked under our covers to go sleepie-pie.

I came home with a smile to turn the surliest frown upside down, and memories to last a lifetime.

I had so much fun at homecoming with everyone there, and I will never ever ever ever forget it. Ever. I will never trade the memories made and will always cherish them. I had so much fun with my whole group and all the people at homecoming that I was with, too.

So that was homecoming. Hope ya'll liked it!!

With all that, I've been taking each day one day at a time, and living life to the fullest.

Hope ya'll share the same outlook on life too!

Whew! That was a lot. I guess I'll update with everything else that's been going on later.

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